Channapatna to London

The toy craft tradition is heading to make its mark on the international platform

Didn’t we tell you that Channapatna is going places and literally so. The exquisite toy craft tradition from Channapatna, a small town near Bengaluru is all set to make an appearance at London Design Fair to be held from September 21-24. Channapatna toys are unique wooden toys handcrafted from soft ivory wood or haale maara by trained craftsmen. The products are known for their perfect lacquer finishes.

Atul Johri’s Tulsi collection featuring tableware will be on display at the prestigious design affair. Atul, a well-known designer, is working with his team of Channapatna artisans to create eight-nine designs in earthy and aqua colours. “There are vases, bathroom accessories, candle stands, salt-pepper shakers, coasters and lights in red and earthy tones and there is another series in aqua colours. I need to send it by August 15. At the Fair, they will do a special shoot of the products,” says Atul, who lives in Channapatna. He believes, the outing will provide an exposure to the craft which is crucial to it, at the moment. “They will highlight one designer every week on their websites and blogs and I am so thrilled that Channapatna will get such a space which is why I am giving it Made in Channapatna label so that people get curious and find out what Channapatna is.” After London, Atul is preparing for back to back shows in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru and possibly one in Jaipur too.

Article from The Hindu